How to amplify human intelligence?

Most general level + video of presentation

  • Most problems in the world today require cognitive/behavioral change

  • Understanding squared

  • studying cognitive tools

  • 6s computing

First principles approach to mind, brain, and behavior

New technologies allow interface of exteroceptive and interoceptive streams for augmented reality experiences. I build technologies. Study the underlying mechanism in collaboration with dedicated research centres. and collaborate with stakeholders (hospitals, army, therapists, NGOs) to design novel forms of treatment and intervention.

Physics of mind

Human deep learning

Highest levels in the hierarchy. Aesthetic emotions as proxy.

Chills as a biomarker for human insight

aesthetic chills — Identifying biomarkers for human insight

chills as error dynamics

aeon article

Learning rate

chills as learning rate


Incoherence results


Media as error dynamics

Nested Minds Network

An open-source toolkit emotion research


iFeel is a software that allows you to automatically retrieve emotional content from YouTube. Collaboration with Marc Santolini (CRI, Paris)


ChillsDB is an intelligent database aggregating all existing knowledge on psychogenic shivers. Collaboration with Anirudh Krishnakumar (ETH, Zurich) and Arno Klein (Child Mind Institute, NY).


FRISSON is an artificial chills generator allowing multiple networked devices to deliver chills during music & videos. Active collaboration with Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab, US.