New article about Trust in HMI

In order to interact seamlessly with robots, users must infer the causes of a robot’s behavior–and be confident about that inference.

Schoeller F, Miller M, Salomon R and Friston KJ (2021) Trust as Extended Control: Human-Machine Interactions as Active Inference. Front. Syst. Neurosci. 15:669810. doi: http://10.3389/fnsys.2021.669810

The future of conflict resolution

Our team was a finalist in the UN Futuring Peace contest.

In order to address the risks and challenges related to social exclusion, we propose a technology harnessing the prosocial effects of the feeling of awe and wonder — sometimes referred to as the overview effect — that arises from witnessing natural events and large-scale changes related to climate change.

Project with Parand Danesh, Aryana Francesca Urbani, and Moon Ribas.

Free Time

Thanks to Annabelle Fernandes, I was featured in the second issue of the awesome magazine and project Free Time by creative direction studio Faye and Gina. Free Time is about things made in our spare time.

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Ars Electronica 2020

In August 2020, we explored augmented performances in BCN with the amazing Moon Ribas and Ferran Belda from Tigrelab. We designed WONDERS for Ars Electronica festival, an experiment in cosmic ritual design.

WONDERS is an immersive journey across natural phenomena beyond human perception. Pioneer cyborg artist Moon Ribas is equipped with implants allowing her to feel earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and cosmic explosions in real time. FUGA captures Moon Ribas’ gestures and transforms them into immersive sound effects, modulating Ferran Belda’s interactive visuals projected on the surface of a dome. At the interface of performance, augmented reality, creative coding, and storytelling, WONDERS aims to trigger primordial emotions and remind the audience, sitting in a circle around the performer, of the vastness of the cosmos. The performance was live on Ars Electronica on Saturday 12th at 8pm.

Joy Ventures

Very grateful to be part of the grantees of the Joy Ventures 2019 academic research grant program. The funds will allow us to explore the potential of the Frisson device from Aby Jain and Adam Horowitz (MIT Media Lab) with Roy Salomon from the Gonda Brain Centre at Bar Ilan University.

Yaya in DK (26 min)

For two weeks, we created the opportunity for the young Franco-Ivorian Yaya Cissé to experience the Danish efterskole school system. The results were so astonishing that we decided to make a documentary film out of it. This is part of a larger project with my mentor John Mason, exploring the importance of the feeling of belonging and the future of school and education.

Mind at CRI Science Festival

A few years back, I had the great privilege to interview some of my favorite people in science and ask them hard questions about mind, knowledge, culture, and meaning. I had the opportunity to show bits and pieces of the film at the science festival in CRI Paris.

Aeon article: psychogenic shivers

A few years ago, I proposed that the feeling of cold in one’s spine, while for example watching a film or listening to music, corresponds to an event when our vital need for cognition is satisfied. Similarly, I have shown that chills are not solely related to music or film but also to the practice of science (mainly physics and mathematics) and to the social logic of religious rituals. I believe that chills and aesthetic emotions in general can teach us something that we do not know yet. They can help us to understand what truly matters to the mind and to the society of minds.

Dance, politics, the Euro-African connection and the future of theatre

For the past years, I have been actively working with the genius theatre director Monika Gintersdorfer and the fantastic group La Fleur, to explore the political implications of dancing in West Africa and its influence on European culture. Besides numerous events in German and French theatres, we went twice to Ivory Coast to document the birth of new dance movements and their political origins.

Comme un Loup (52 min)

France has one of the most unequal education system in Europe (PISA). Together with sociologist Alexandre Munoz Cazieux, we followed Yaya Cissé, a high school student at the forefront of the illusion of meritocracy. Born in Ivory Coast, Yaya arrived in Paris at the age of 13 in the Curial Cambrai district. He is the only one in his general cursus high school to come from such a background, and the only one in his district to have access to general education. We followed him for 2 years, navigating between the two worlds and organized a series of screenings allowing opposites to dialogue and recognize each other.



Jeune Afrique

My PhD in under 4 min

I was on the French national radio to talk about my PhD in under 4 minutes with Nicolas Martin from La Méthode Scientifique.